Tatiana & Jared’s Wedding

April 5, 2014 was Jared and Tatiana’s BIG day! It really was a day filled with great emotion: laughter, sword fights, love and…did I mention…sword fights.

The morning started at ‘Color Me Crazy Salon’ in Holdrege, NE where Tate and her bridesmaids got to relax and have their hair done. The stylists did a wonderful job and did so in a very timely manner allowing us to stay on schedule. Tate was one of the most calm brides that I have worked with; you would have never guessed she was getting married that afternoon. For the most part the morning went on with a nice calm and there was only one little detail that caused some drama.

Tate’s hair was about half-way done when the stylist asked her if she was going to wear a veil so she could put it in for her. Tate said she was going to wear one and then paused for a while trying to remember if she brought it with her. After a short while everyone concluded that Tate’s grandma had it. Out came the cell phone and the uncertain question of “Grandma, you have my veil…right?” Well, she did not have it. Here is where I thought Tate was going to start freaking out, like a typically-stressed bride, but she just calmly said “Well, if we can’t find it I will just go buy a new one.”

Everyone started laughing and immediately tried to think of where it was last seen. One of Tate’s bridesmaids left the salon only to return several minutes later with the veil. Phew, crisis averted! It was found in the back of Tate’s car and it was a little wrinkled. One of the stylists suggested using a straightening iron to lightly press the wrinkles out; it worked wonderfully! Upon “ironing” it, they discovered some small holes and out came the cell phone again with grandma on speed dial. She came to the salon, looked at the veil and said she could fix it easy peasy. What a life-saver and a great person to have in your corner. 🙂

Everyone arrived at Trinity Church to start doing their make-up and getting dressed. While the guys were getting ready they found a bowling ball with a rope tied to it, so they decided to fasten it to Jared’s leg. They said he couldn’t get married without a “ball and chain”.

It was time for Sheldon to come see his daughter all ready to be a beautiful bride. It was a very special moment for the two of them with lots of emotion. It was really nice to see that special connection they both share and that is when I think the enormity of the day started to sink in for Tate. It was nearing time to start the pre-ceremony pictures so I rounded up Jared so we could do the “first-seeing” session.

I had him waiting on the far-side of a door so Tate could come up behind him. The anticipation was high and once they saw each other all of the other distractions seemed to fade away leaving just the tow of them. The pre-ceremony pictures went fairly smooth even though we had quite the task of keeping the guys in line. Before we new it, it was ceremony time.

Darren did a great job running the show and making it a great marriage ceremony. Tate and Jared only got carried away one time and had a little impromptu PDA. They just got caught up in the moment and Tate’s hand wandered a little too far South and gave Jared’s hind-quarters a little squeeze. It gave us all a little laugh and there was no harm done. After the ceremony we got to venture out into the awesome Nebraska wind, where it was only 25-30mph…constant. We drove around in the limo, stopped at the liquor store and took some fun pictures at North Park.

As we exited the limo at North Park we happened to notice some people fencing in the tennis courts. I think everyone immediately had the same idea…”Wouldn’t it be cool to take some pictures with swords?!” What wedding wouldn’t be complete without a good ol’ fashioned sword fight. The fencers were really nice and let us partake in some sport. Once we were done slicing and thrusting we made our way over to the water for more pictures. Now, it was time to head to the reception.

The reception had a great turnout and many people danced while others just hung out and caught up. It really was a great day and we really enjoyed getting the opportunity to capture the memories! Thanks Jared & Tate! Best wishes in your new life and don’t be strangers.

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