Tara & Bryan’s Wedding

Two families were brought together on June 22, 2014 for the marriage of Tara and Bryan. It was a beautiful June day with lots of family and friends to celebrate the special occasion. They could not have asked for a better day to pledge their love for each other!

The day started with all of the girls gathering at Tara’s house to get their make-up done. There was only one make-up artist and seven people patiently waiting their turn. She did an amazing job and worked hard to keep us on schedule. Everyone hung out in the dining room around the table keeping good conversation and cracking plenty of jokes. Laughter is always the best way to keep the bride relaxed on her wedding day. Tara’s two cats helped provide some comedic relief as well. One of the cats spent plenty of time laying on the breakfast bar taking up as much space as possible and that is where the make-up was setup. Cats can be like Honey Badgers in that they just do what they want and don’t care if they are in your way. The other cat spent most of the time outside, but when he did come in he just whined until someone let him back out again. It was a vicious cycle and the bridesmaids had fun taking turns at the door.

Next, everyone headed to Cost Cutters to get their hair done. The stylists worked diligently to keep on schedule and did and amazing job with everyone’s hair. Now that hair and make-up were done, the only piece missing was the beautiful dresses. The bridal party all headed to the church to finish getting ready. After we arrived to the church, I scoped out a spot to do the formal pictures while Tami helped the girls with whatever they needed. I was hoping to find a location inside since it was blazing hot outside, but was not successful. We ended up doing the formal pictures outside and dealing with the heat and intense sun. Everyone cooperated wonderfully and we rolled right through the pictures with ease, allowing people to get cooled off and do any touch-ups needed before the ceremony.

It was nearing ‘Go’ time and there was a steady flow of guests. The ushers were really working hard and they did a great job with their task. The whole while the guests were arriving and being seated there was a slide show playing that had wedding photos of past generations, family and friends. It was time for the ceremony to begin so they switched the slide show to a static image and the bridal party made their way up on to the stage. Bryan watched intently as his bride made her way towards him, waiting in anticipation for her to be at his side. After they said their vows they opened up the floor and invited all of their guests to take an opportunity to stand up with their spouses and re-declare their love. Once everyone was seated again, Tara and Bryan assembled a ceremonial cross-puzzle to symbolize their marriage and then made their way back to center-stage to finish the ceremony.

The guests went through the greeting line before making their way outside to send off the bridal party in the limo. With the bridal party and myself loaded in to the limo we made our way Hall County Park. We took some pictures on a very cool wooden bridge and then loaded back up in the limo to head downtown for more pictures by the reception hall, Balz Banquet & Reception Hall. We had to zig-zag our way there due to some wonderful road construction. After some fun pictures in the alley we headed to the reception to get the party started!

To kick off the reception, the bridal party entered while having a battle with light-sabers. They made their way to the dance floor and then made a tunnel for Tara & Bryan to run through. Each table had its own cake and the DJ went around to each table and had the couple that was married the longest to cut the cake for everyone at their table. The photo booth started up and had a steady flow through out its two-hours of operation. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it! For it being a Sunday, the turnout was really awesome and people stayed pretty late to help Tara & Bryan celebrate!

It really was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed capturing the memories! Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day!

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