Nicole & Keith’s Wedding

Family, friends and severe thunderstorms were all present to help Nicole & Keith celebrate their beautiful wedding day. Thankfully the storms didn’t arrive in time for the ceremony; they were kind enough to wait until late into the reception. The day did start with the usual Nebraska wind and mostly clear, blue skies.

The girls were getting ready at the Ramada Inn. The room was a little toasty even with the AC on full blast but it just made the transition to the hot, muggy weather outside easier. Nikki and Keith were having a crazy morning finishing up some last minute details. Thankfully they had a great bunch of friends to help them out and get everything in order.

Hair and makeup was all going well and then one of the bridesmaids discovered that her dress was too long. We all brainstormed for a bit and then Tami went and grabbed our ‘Wedding Day Emergency’ kit. With the dress laid out on the bed, we used bobby pins to position the front half so we could use safety pins on the inside to hold it up. It wasn’t perfect but it did the job and no one knew. After the dress was all taken care of I headed down to the guys’ room.

They had quite the operation going on down there. One of the groomsmen had everyone’s tuxes all laid out ready to go; he even went through and pre-tied all of the ties for everyone. It worked out pretty nicely. Once they were all ready they had a limo take them to Yanney Park. Since Keith wouldn’t be seeing Nicole until the ceremony the limo took the guys first and then came back to the hotel to pickup the girls. Tami and I arrived just behind the guys and started getting ready for the ceremony.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding and now that the forecast for storms got pushed back we all could relax a bit. The guests were all seated and it was time to get the show on the road. I headed down towards the amphitheater to get into position. Tami stayed back to help get everyone ready to walk down the sidewalk and to help Nicole get ready to make her grand entrance.  Keith was in place and excited to see his beautiful bride! After the bridal party was all up on the amphitheater Nicole and her father, who was wearing a tuxedo for the second time in his life, started their walk down towards the stage.

Keith’s face lit up as soon as Nicole came in to view, but he had to wait what probably felt like forever before she was up on the stage next to him! The ceremony was short and sweet with the two of them not able to look away from one another. It wasn’t too long before they got to kiss, be introduced for the first time as a married couple and exit with so much joy and love radiating from their faces. Following the ceremony, everyone gathered by the look-out tower to do the bouquet toss. Nicole & Keith went up a couple flights of stairs and called out for all of the single ladies to step forward. When they were all in place she threw the bouquet back over her head. One of the single girls went for an amazing jumping catch but just barely missed it only for it to be grabbed away. It was a very nice try though.

Next, we gathered up both families and the bridal party so we could take care of the formal pictures before moving on to the more fun ones. The sun was really shining at this point so we tried to move quickly so people weren’t getting overheated. There was a really impressive thunderhead cloud that was building off to the Northeast. That just reminded us that we would rather have the heat than the storms. We finished up pictures around the park and loaded up the limo so we could head to the reception.

It was finally PARTY TIME! As the guests arrived to the reception they took a puzzle piece with their name on one side and a table number on the other. It was really a neat way to incorporate their engagement story in to their wedding day. As the bridal party ate supper, Tami and I finished getting the photo station setup and ready to go. After supper it was time for the first dances and right after that, the cake cutting…well cup-cake cutting. 🙂 I was almost certain they were going to be completely polite to each other and then Keith dabbed some frosting on Nicole’s nose. The next thing he knew was that his face was now half covered in cake and frosting; it was awesome! They both had a good laugh, cleaned each other’s faces and got back to partying.

The photo station was kept busy and the so was the dance floor. Some of the guests from Ravenna had to take off due to a severe storm that just passed through there knocking out windows with large hail. The evening ended for Tami and I just as a huge severe thunderstorm was making its way across the Kearney area (the second wave of storms that night). We packed up the Subaru in torrential rain and made our way to the Interstate to slowly head home. We made it safely but slowly.

We had such a great time capturing Nicole & Keith’s memories, getting to know them and meeting their family and friends! Thanks so much!


Kate, the aforementioned bridesmaid who needed her dress hemmed was also the designated menu reader for the lunch order. She read the Jimmy John’s menu very well, in fact, so well that everyone just listened to the “story” being read and forgot to pay attention to what they wanted to order. Eventually, we all figured out what we wanted to order and made the call. It wasn’t until after the delivery guy left us with our food that we noticed that they forgot one of the orders…at least they didn’t charge us for it. We practiced our sharing skills and split one of the sandwiches in half. 🙂

All of that excitement for Kate that weekend did not start with the dress issue or the menu reading, it started off with a BANG! Well, I should probably say it started with a band and a grass fire. On her way to Kearney, her car’s engine decided to blow up a couple miles East of town. She heard a loud POP followed by the thuds of her car running something over and then looking in her rear view mirror she saw the ditch along the Interstate start ablaze. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt and the fire got put out before it did too much damage. She was a good sport with it all and still had a blast with Nicole, Keith and everyone else!

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  1. Kate 2014-07-16 at 18:40 #

    Thanks for helping with my dress! You forgot Jimmy John’s and my exploding car! You guys were fantastic though! Thank you so much for everything you did!

    • sethb 2014-07-17 at 10:06 #

      ? Kate, yes how could i forget to mention those two epic details! I will make an edit and add them in.

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