Makayla & Carl’s Wedding

Makayla & Carl’s wedding day took place at Yanney Park in Kearney, NE on May 31, 2014. It really was a grand day to have an outdoor wedding and to witness the joining of these two wonderful families!

The day started out at Alejandro’s Salon & Spa with the girls getting their hair done. As soon as I walked through the door I could see the excitement on Makayla’s face for “her” big day had finally arrived. Everyone was quite lively and very friendly which always makes my job more enjoying. The hair stylists did and amazing job with everyone’s hair and kept things on schedule.I was very impressed with how one of the stylists managed the “Rapunzel-long” hair of one of the bridesmaids. Makayla warned…informed the stylist beforehand that one of the girls had really long hair (Amber), but the look on that stylist’s face when she finally saw how long it actually was, was priceless.

After the hair was all styled, we ate lunch at Panera and everyone took bets on how many pins were in Amber’s hair. I never did hear the final count, but people were guessing 80-100 pins! After we refueled with food it was time to head to the Ramada Inn to start getting ready. Both the guys and girls were getting ready at the hotel in separate rooms so I was able to get pictures of both parties. Tennis was on the TV, beer was in the fridge and the guys were just hanging out relaxing in their room. They all seemed to be pretty relaxed…except Carl; I think he was taking on the stress for Makayla. The stress started to change to excitement and anticipation as he started putting his tux on. They also had these really cool patterned socks that were overly difficult to put on and I think they provided some comical relief to Carl’s stress. A picture of the groomsmen struggling to pull up their socks was taken to commemorate that tough task.

As I entered the room where the girls were getting ready, I was greeted by a vicious guard dog……………..or a tiny Chihuahua named Princess. She was harmless but I did have to watch where I stepped. 🙂 Makayla’s dress was gorgeous! It was light-weight and had several layers of different lengths flowing down that resembled flower petals. She couldn’t have picked a better dress to wear at an outdoor wedding in May! After her mom finished lacing up her dress, I headed to Yanney Park to get Carl in position for the first viewing.

Carl waited inside the garden area with his back to the entrance waiting for Makayla. She entered and slowly made her way to Carl making his anticipation grow. He could hear her coming but could not see her and I am sure it was so hard for him not to just turn around to see his bride. He waited like a champ. Finally, he was able to turn around, his face lit up with joy and you could just see the stress of the morning lift away. I think they could have just hung out in that garden all day but they did invite a bunch of family and friends to their wedding so the bride and groom probably should show up.

We finished up the formal pictures with plenty of time for people to re-hydrate and touch themselves up. The guests had all arrived and found a seat in time for the ceremony to begin. There was really a nice turnout and the weather couldn’t have been better. After the ceremony we finished up some family pictures and then headed to the “bricks” in downtown Kearney. We ended up blocking traffic down by the huge Coca-Cola mural…they will get over it. 🙂 A jumping picture was attempted and the winner for the most air went to…wait for it….the pregnant bridesmaid! Yep, that is the truth.

We took some more pictures downtown before making our way to the reception, at the Ramada Inn, in a timely manner as to not make the guests wait too long. The toasts were all very well said with minimal crying and the cake-cutting was executed very politely. After those activities were done the dance floor was opened up to everyone. Towards the end of the night the groomsmen surprised Makayla by having her sit on a chair in the middle of the dance floor and then proceeded to sing to her!

The entire day was a blast and everything turned out so beautiful for Makayla and Carl. I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone for being so awesome and cooperative and most of all to Makayla and Carl for letting me capture their memories!

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