Katie & Quinn’s Wedding

“It is my pleasure to announce to you for the first time, Doctor & Doctor Katie & Quinn Willet…a real life pair-a-docs.” That is how the two were introduced as a newly married couple on May 25, 2014 at the Grand Manse in Lincoln, NE.

I first met Katie & Quinn while photographing their good friends’ wedding in March of 2013. Everyone who was around them that day thought they were dating, including me. Come to find out, they were not currently dating but just really good friends…they sure fooled us or maybe we were just foretelling the future. 🙂

The streets were mostly empty on that beautiful Sunday morning which made the parking downtown a breeze. After entering the Grand Manse I quickly contacted Katie to guide me through the maze down to where they were getting their hair and make-up done.

The girls were jamming out to the CMT channel…well not quite jamming out but that was the channel that was on the TV. There was much discussion about the somewhat creepy picture that was leaning against the wall. It was a pretty large print of an old man in a tuxedo holding a cigar close to his mouth. That seems pretty normal, right? It was except for the disturbingly weird look on his face. We couldn’t decide if he was trying to melt someone/something with his bulging eyes, constipated or offended by some smell. After much debate and awkwardness Quinn’s mom decided to hang some dresses over the picture…problem solved.

Hair and makeup were all finished and now it was time to go up to the bridal apartment that they rented to eat lunch. The girls finished getting ready in the apartment while the guys got ready downstairs where the girls’ hair/makeup was done earlier. As the guys were starting to get their tuxes laid out one of the ushers and his girlfriend showed up to say hi. They all chatted for a bit and then all of the guys just kind of stood their and Adam (I believe it was Adam) had to ask the usher’s girlfriend “Umm, are you going to stay in here because we are at that time were we need to start taking clothes off?” (not exact words, but close) After some laughing, she exited the room so the guys could get their tuxes on.

Now that everyone was all dressed and ready, I got Quinn in to position to see Katie for the first time. I had Quinn wait with his back to one of the swinging doors to the ceremony room so Katie could advance from the other side without him seeing her. He could hear her getting closer and closer making the anticipation grow. They both exchanged letters, while not looking, that they had written to each other. There was some joking going on earlier that since they were both doctors now, that maybe the letters should have been typed out so they wouldn’t need a nurse to translate for them. 🙂 A translator was not needed as they both finished reading the letters without trouble. There was so much excitement as they turned and saw each other for the first time that day.

After Katie & Quinn spent some time checking each other out we moved on to the pre-ceremony pictures. We finished up the pictures with plenty of time to spare so everyone was able to relax and do any touch-ups. Before I knew it, it was time for me to find my seat and get ready for the ceremony to start. The ceremony was held in the old court room which had beautiful murals and magnificent woodwork. I really appreciated the large windows that were letting in a nice amount of sunlight. The gentleman performing the ceremony was outstanding and had a great personality. After some serious talks and some jokes it was time to seal the marriage with a kiss. The couple made a split-second decision to do a dip during the kiss but neither of them expected the rental shoes to be so slippery. Barely into the dip, Quinn’s foot started sliding like it was on wax paper causing them to stumble. We all thought they were going down, but thankfully they gracefully caught themselves for a nice recovery. Now that it was official, the ceremony came to an end, the bridal party made their grand exit and got ready for some more pictures.

It rained sometime during the ceremony but thankfully stopped just in time for us to take some fun pictures outside. We made our way around the grounds and just as we were setting up a final photo it started to sprinkle. It was nearing reception time so it worked out perfectly. There was a really nice turnout at the reception so Katie & Quinn had their work cut out for them to make the rounds. The food was delicious, the cup cakes were sinful, and everyone had a great time!

Thanks to everyone who made Katie & Quinn’s wedding day go off without a hitch and a BIG thanks to Dr. & Dr. Willet for letting me capture their memories!

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