Jenna & Brandon’s Wedding


It was 11pm on June 28, 2014 and the sky lit up with flashes of light and loud bangs! All in attendance got to enjoy the spectacular fireworks send-off for the newlyweds, Jenna & Brandon! The day was filled with excitement and it all started at Harper’s Salon in downtown Kearney, NE.

Everyone was sipping on their coffee as they waited to for their turn. Coffee was the drink of choice that morning until one of Jenna’s friends showed up, surprising everyone with tiny bottles of whiskey…to help calm the ‘wedding day’ jitters. 🙂 Getting to the salon was kind of a task as they had several intersections blocked off for an event, but luckily someone before us had decided to move one of the road blocks just enough to get a vehicle passed. Everyone made it on time despite the obstacles. The two stylists made everyone’s hair look amazing, plus they did it all while keeping us on schedule! I always appreciate when this happens.

After the hair was all styled we headed out to Jenna’s parent’s property out in the country by Axtell. This is where the girls would finish getting ready and where the ceremony and reception would be. On our way out there we stopped to hang out with Brandon and the guys. They were eating pizza at a friend’s house before getting ready. Teamwork was a big part of the guys putting on their suits…mainly due to the suspenders and cuff-links. Sometimes you just need a 3rd hand. One of the dogs at the house was tall enough to reach the top of the patio table and was very sneaky about stealing pieces of pizza right out of the boxes. She probably needed some TUMS later that day.

We headed down to the ceremony site to unload the photo station and get pictures of Jenna’s parents, friends and family setting up the ceremony and reception sites. Right in line with all of the other June weddings for me this year there was a heavy rain fall the Friday before making the ground very soft and muddy. The weather was also very humid because of the rain so those of us that were dressed up were probably the most comfortable people there……not really, we were very sticky all day. :/  The tractor was not wanting to cooperate so Jenna’s dad quickly rigged up one of the 4-wheelers to the trailer and pulled it over to the ceremony location. Everyone started hauling chairs off of the trailer and nicely setting them up in the yard. People were running around all over trying to get everything setup in time since the storms put them behind. It really was neat to see everyone come together and take on this large task in order to make the day awesome for Jenna & Brandon!

Everything was setup and in place just in time for Jenna and Brandon to see each other for the first time that day. I took Brandon out in to the wind break so he couldn’t see Jenna coming. You could see the anticipation in their faces; especially Brandon’s. Jenna gave him the OK to turn around and they both were flooded with emotion while checking each other out. We embraced the moment and captured some pictures of the soon-to-be couple before moving on to the formal group pictures. The formal pictures were moved along quite smoothly with only one close encounter with a bee. There was some screaming, running and plenty of laughing over the ferocious bee.

The time had come to start the ceremony so the bridal party moved into position and the music started. The ceremony was overseen by their good friend Derek who did a wonderful job! The vows were said, the rings were in place, the sand was poured and the only thing left was for Brandon to kiss his bride. The newlyweds finally got to have that kiss and then proceeded to exit as Mr. & Mrs. Josjor! They greeted their guests as they exited the ceremony site before leaving on a trailer lined with bales for seats with the wedding party.

We all headed down the road to their family friend’s property to take some pictures by his very awesome old barn. It was in excellent shape and painted the classic red with white accents. The barn made for an excellent backdrop for our fun pictures. I am really thankful that we were able to use it. After we were done with the barn, we loaded back up and headed to Hildreth, NE to take some pictures at the football field and visit the bar. With all of the fun and excitement we lost track of time a bit and had to hurry back to the reception.

We made it back safely and started the food line right away. The photo station opened up shortly after dinner and was quite the hit. Jenna & Brandon are going to love looking through all of the photos! There was plenty of dancing, chatting and of course drinking. I believe the fatality count for kegs was five. It was quite the party. 🙂 It was nearing 11pm which was the big send off. All who were left gathered in the yard and on the road to prepare for the fireworks show. Shortly after the party bus arrived the show started! Jenna & Brandon were standing out in the middle of the road holding hands and enjoying the moment. The fireworks were a perfect ending to a beautiful day!

After the show, everyone loaded on to the party bus and headed to Kearney where they would be dropped off at their hotels. The whole day was a blast and we really enjoyed being able to capture it for Jenna & Brandon! Thanks for the wonderful time and the opportunity to freeze your wedding day in time with pictures!

Best Wishes!

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