Angie & Chris’ Wedding

Holding Hands

A major power outage that caused the rehearsal dinner and the location of the hair styling to get moved could not keep Angie & Chris from having a very beautiful wedding! The weather was beautiful and so was the ceremony/reception location they chose, Lucile’s in downtown Omaha.

I was within blocks of the salon when I received a call from Angie saying that they were moving the hair to her friend’s house since there was no power in most of mid-town Omaha. Everyone, even the bride, was handling the power issue really well considering it interfered with the rehearsal dinner and the hair. To top off the issues of the day, the main ceiling light fixture at the hair stylist’s house decided to stop working that morning. We made do with some plugin lights and extension cords. The hair did not take very long and they all looked beautiful. It was strange to be way ahead of schedule and I did not know what to do with the extra time. After some great time-killing and lunch I headed to Elkhorn to hang out with the guys. The guys were mostly ready when I got there and just hanging out doing the final touches. Chris helped his boys style their hair and get their suit jackets on. After everyone was all ‘suited-up’ we headed back in to downtown Omaha. I headed to the hotel where the girls were finishing getting ready. While Angie was doing her make-up, her kids were wrestling around trying to burn some energy. Luckily her daughter’s hair did not get messed up. Chris showed up at the hotel for a bit so we had to make sure Angie was out of sight while she finished getting ready.

Angie’s friends helped lace up her dress as well as assist in picking out what jewelry she should wear. Angie was all ready to go and looking quite stunning. I popped out and took Chris across the street to Lucile’s so we could have their first viewing. I had Chris wait in the courtyard where the ceremony was going to take place and then had Angie walk up behind him. There was so much excitement on his face when he turned around to see his beautiful bride-to-be! They both lit up and you could see the tension of the day leave as they embraced each other. When they were ready we moved on to take some more pictures of just them before moving on to the family and bridal party. Back inside, we all were cooling off and preparing for guests to start arriving.

The time had come to start the ceremony. Chris walked up with his two boys and his really good friend who was performing the ceremony. Next the girls walked up followed by Angie being escorted by her son. About half-way through the ceremony the boys started to get a little restless and wanted to move around. They did pretty good keeping it together and it was pretty cute when the youngest boy ran over to his dad (Chris) and wrapped his arms around his leg. Without too much of a wait, Chris got to kiss his new wife and the newlyweds and their bridal party headed off into Lucile’s to start greeting guests as they came back inside.

After the greeting line was done, Angie had her dress bustled and then everyone got ready for some very delicious supper! I stole Angie & Chris for a little bit to do some more pictures outside. We took some fun pictures with the Gargoyles out front and then headed out back to do some fun group pictures. The kids wanted to do some pictures of just them so we did some fun jumping pics and then they started chasing each other around and wrestling. It was quite entertaining and fun…who knew that a bouquet could be used as a weapon.

The remainder of the reception was very chill and relaxing. Everyone was having a great time casually hanging out and chatting. It really was a great change of pace and fun to capture that environment. After all of the guests left, Angie, Chris, some of their close friends and myself headed to Le Bouillon. Just outside the entrance was a sign that read “Poems to suit you”. One of the guys thought it would be an awesome surprise to have the girl write up a poem for the newlyweds. He gave her the money and I turned my camera around so she could see a picture of the lovely couple just in case that would help. 🙂 We went back inside and enjoyed the house specialty drink and some dessert! It was AMAZING! It had been a while and we hadn’t heard on the poem so we were getting a little nervous. We waiting a little while longer and then everyone was ready to go so we proceeded outside.

The girl saw us exiting the place and you could see her fingers go into overdrive to type up the poem. We all hovered around her waiting for it to be finished and then we had her read it aloud to Chris and Angie. They loved it! For finishing touches we had her personalize it with some cool stamps. It was now time to call it a night. It was really a wonderful day with lots of love, fun, friends and family! I want to thank Chris and Angie for choosing me to capture their special day and for making me feel like part of the group!

Thank You!

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