Seth Burkey

Capturing memories, landscapes and cityscapes in a digital eternity is what I love doing. Photography has allowed me to exercise this love and to share my passion with others. As a photographer, I love to keep things lite and relaxed so my subjects can be more natural and have fun. I also like to use extreme angles to change the perspective and keep things interesting.

Looking back, I have always had a passion for photography, but I didn’t really start embracing that passion until 2005. I received a Canon A640 point-n-shoot for Christmas and little did I know what it would awaken inside of me. Every free moment I had was spent driving/walking around taking pictures of anything and everything. Most everything I learned about photography was self-taught with many hours of trial and error. I eventually upgraded to a Canon T1i and kept expanding my talents. Before I knew it, I was asked to capture a wedding and…that started it all.

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